A new kind of insert

25 07 2008


It would look nice as a Chrome Refractor, don’t you think? I’ll post the picture when I get home so you don’t all strain fingers clicking through. (Edited to add – Picture added, as you can see. It’s Jorge Castillo, minor league pitcher for the Cubs. At least he was when the picture was taken. If he’s not released by the end of tonight, well he get fined for missing the team bus?)

Story here. I thought it was crazy when I first heard about the brawl, and then realized it was the Reds affiliate in Dayton and thought, ‘yeah, that makes sense.’

And this stood out for me, too:

There were 15 ejections issued immediately following the incident. However, umpires went back into the clubhouse and were instructed by Spelius to reinstate all the players and both managers to avoid placing pitchers in the outfield to fill out the lineups.

I say make them play or forefit the game. If the players are dumb enough to get involved in something like this and not realize the impact on the team, then that’s their problem. And if each team just needed a couple of outfielders, why allow all fifteen players back and not just two or three?

If people and teams break the rules, make them pay for it. Make both teams forfeit and take the loss. Make them uses pitchers or the peanut sellers. Don’t bend the rules to help those who broke them, though.

Anyway, my soap box is creaking. Time to get down off it.




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