Customer service

27 07 2008

Before I left for vacation, I dropped off a couple packages to the post office.  One was a package full of damaged cards to Topps, the other Upper Deck.  One (Topps) is clear across the country, the other (Upper Deck) is clear across the state.  Since I was going to be gone for a week, I was a bit concerned about them sitting in the mailbox while we were gone.

Then I laughed at my foolishness.  There’s no way that either company would have less than a nine day turnaround.  We then arraigned for someone to grab our mail anyway, just in case.

Sitting on the counter when we returned was a package from Topps.  In nine days (or less) the cards went across the country, were replaced, and then shipped back.

I’m still waiting to hear from Upper Deck.

For those of you who’ve tried for replacements, is this typical of Topps?  The last time I dealt with Upper Deck, they just sent my cards back with a message of apology, so my bar is pretty low for them.  I’ll keep you updated when the other half arrives.




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