Upper Deck First Edition… Update?!?

29 07 2008

What’s going on with that?  I don’t see any sell sheets at the usual places, but apparently Upper Deck is releasing an update set to their requisite release for kids, First Edition.  The update will have 200 cards, and each pack features a Star Quest insert.

Upper Deck is also releasing a factory issued set that will also have five Yankee Stadium Legacy cards and a Game Used card.

I had no idea that First Edition was popular enough to warrant a) an update or b) an factory set.  I really have nothing to add to this other than the stunned sort of silence that should be evident in this post.

The update boxes release early August while the factory sealed sets are scheduled for a September 27th release.




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29 07 2008

Very strange. Chris Harris sent a comment, but now it’s disappeared. Here it is:

Chris Harris said: Wouldn’t “First Edition Update” be an oxymoron?

29 07 2008

That’s what I was thinking. Shouldn’t it be “Final Edition” or something? Maybe they have a bunch of Star Quest cards left over so they’re knocking out this set to get rid of them.

29 07 2008

Ok, I don’t understand this at all. And why does the dollar pack product have to be half the size of the regular base set? BRING BACK TOPPS TOTAL!!!

30 07 2008

are the SQ cards the same checklist as in original first edition?

On a side note, I was so ticked off when I first got back into collecting over FE. I didn’t know it was a “kids” product when I found it at Wal-Mart (although the .99 price per pack should have been my indicator.)

So, rather than buy another blaster of ’07 Goudey that I wanted, I bought $26 worth of these packs and gleefully busted packs driving home. I was admirably naive when I came back…lol.

One thing I can say in defense of these cards is that although it doesn’t have the typical foil looking name and team blocks, the white letter is sooooo much easier to read when you’re sorting these things…

30 07 2008

The SQ cards are numbered from 31, so I assume they are brand new.

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