2008 Upper Deck series 2 Blaster Box

2 08 2008

Oh, it’s you. I thought I told you we were on a break. Then what are you doing here? You’ve changed? Well, I’ll be the judge of that.

Sure, I guess you can come in.

I’m glad you’re just a blaster box. Feels like less of a commitment, with only 80 cards instead of 320. Though you are a forth of a box for a third of the price. Not a very good value there. But if there’s no damaged cards, it’ll be a big step forward in our relationship.

Let’s see what you got:
68 base cards (17% of the set) No duplicates, and 14 cards for my set
Star Attractions (Target exclusives!) 9 Gorzelanny, 10 Tulowitzki
Presidential Predictors 13A – The Economy
Yankee Stadium Legacy 5275 Kevin Mass, 5300 Leyritz
USA Junior Team 7 Kyle Buchannan
USA Jersey Brain Matusz
5 damaged cards (sigh)

Look, I appreciate your help with my set, but five damaged cards is still five too many. While there is some improvement here, (if we do some math, then the ratio of damaged cards has improved (4×5=20, while there was 26 in the Hobby box)), but still, come on. Think of the children that save lawn mowing money or skip lunch for a piece of you. And this is your reward for their hard work?

The inserts? Yeah, they are okay, I guess. The USA Junior card you gave me is of a defensive catcher who went undrafted and will work on his game at Washington State in the fall. Matusz, the jersey card, was the 4th overall pick of the draft this year. The Orioles have high hopes for the southpaw and now, thanks to you, I do too. Both of the Star Attractions inserts are of struggling youngsters, and to be honest, I’m tired of the Presidential cards and the YSL cards as well.

I’m not sure why I keep coming back to you. I’m really not sure why I keep coming back to the blaster, either. But Upper Deck, as far as I’m concerned we’re through, at least until 2009. And then we’ll just have to see.



3 responses

2 08 2008

I’m starting to feel exactly the same way…

2 08 2008

Why, you ask? Because of the unending, mystical, illogical draw of Hope in A Box.

Great post, by the way.

3 08 2008

Well, I’m trying to finish the set, if you want to trade any of the base cards…I have a list.

Speak of the devil, here it is right here.
406 449 450 549 574 588 592 634 652 669 674 702 703 707 708 714 719 723 800


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