Skip Caray

4 08 2008

There was a time that locals teams didn’t have every baseball game on TV.  It was a time before Fox Sports whatever they call it in your region, before there was an abundance of baseball announcers that lacked a certain amount of style and afternoons and evenings were spent listening to ball games on the radio with your dad as he relayed old stories of players gone by.

There were two teams, however, that I could watch whenever I wanted.  The Cubs had WGN (still do) a channel carried by our local cable provider.  I remember watching the Reds and the Cubs play baseball when vicious thunderstorms tore through the area.  Luckily the power stayed on, and so did the game.  I don’t remember who won.

The other team was the Atlanta Braves, who at the time shared a division with the Reds.  For whatever reason, maps had been tossed aside to put the Reds and the Braves in the NL West, even though the Cubs and St Louis geographically belonged there more.  It was good news for me as a Reds fan, though, because the Reds-Braves matchups meant something, and were often shown on “The Superstation” WTBS.

Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren were the 2nd voices of baseball to me (no one beats Marty Brennaman and Joe Nuxhall).  Chicago had some guy named Harry, and I think Thom Brennaman showed up there for a while too.  But I really had to struggle for those names, and Harry Caray’s a legend.  That’s how good I thought Skip was when I was a boy.

Of course, Skip is Harry’s son, a fact I never thought about or cared about until I read the articles announcing that Skip never woke from an afternoon nap on Sunday.  Skip was his own person, a different style than his father, a sense of humor and sarcasm that could charm and channel any baseball fan because Skip had a love for the game.  His was a voice that could carry the worst of innings, the slowest of wind ups, and the hottest August afternoons. 

Thanks for the memories, Skip.



One response

4 08 2008

I’ve said it before.. I’ll say it again. Skip was/is the reason I love the Braves and baseball.
It will never be the same….

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