The new Beckett is here!

4 08 2008

And, according to most of these folks, it stinks. (Edited to add – Apparently, there’s no thread bookmarking available at the Beckett messages boards, which I just discovered.  Another strike against the whole thing, in my mind, though they claim to be working on the problem.  The thread I intended to link was “ OT: Your thoughts on the ^NEW^ beckett.!?”  It should be easy to find other bloggers who relied on Beckett a lot more than I did pissed off at the changes.)

There are two basic complaints:
1. Difficulty of locating things. I imagine this will abate over time as people become more familiar with the site. I will say it’s a pain to try and get to the message boards, but a bookmark will take care of that. It also appears all the old divisons on the message boards (box breaks, pricing, etc) are gone. That part stinks for me.

2. Beckett is going to charge for trading. This is absolutely ridiculous if true, especially since there are numerous other site that allow you to trade for free.

Maybe there will be more tweaking to come. I would only check the boards for information myself and was waiting to sign up until after the change. Looks like I’ll be waiting a little longer to see how things turn out.




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