Two random packs

5 08 2008

2007 Goudey
Red backed:
57 Jeff Kent
64 John Smoltz
147 Phil Hughes
171 Ryan Zimmerman
Green backed:
19 Brian Roberts
22 Carlos Delgado
114 Frank Thomas
177 Nick Johnson

The part of me that quests for knowledge wants to look for a difference between the two colors. It’s being beat into submission by the part of my body that thought it was a good idea to mow the lawn in 105 degree heat. Maybe I’ll look later. Either way, only the Delgado and the Zimmerman survived their year at the local box store unscathed.

2006 Bowman Heritage
52 Ryan Freel
127 Magglio Ordonez
189 Jorge Cantu
201 Dan Uggla
BHP20 Mark Holliman
BHP61 Jamie Hoffman
Checklist 3 of 3
217 Yusmeiro Petit mini
10 Rafael Furcal foil

This was the pack I really wanted, or so I thought.  Man these things are hard to look out.  Wow.  Maybe it’s just the brink of heat stroke, but I’ve no desire to purchase any more of these things.  And, to add insult to injury, all the cards had a minor ding on the top border, with the exception of the mini and the Freel. The real Freel is currently dinged up himself, so it’s probably a cosmic thing that my heat oppressed mind can’t fully comprehend.

I was going to pick a winning pack from this debacle, but it’s like a two horse race where they both pull up lame on the first turn.  No excitement.  Just horsing limping.  So the lesson here is that loose packs at your local box store are probably filled with damaged goods.  So stay away and give your money to the local hobby shop.  I’m heading there tonight.

Oh and kids – don’t mow the lawn in 105 degree heat, even if you have a hydrating fluid ready to replenish your thirst. It’s just not worth the headache.  Literally.




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