Things I do not know about baseball

6 08 2008

I found this while I was watching new Coke ads on you tube earlier today.

I only count nine claims. I can figure out a handful of them.  Watch the video before scrolling any further, or you’ll have some of my answers, which may or may not be correct.


2. A dropped third strike, repeatedly, would cause this. It would also cause the team to find a new catcher.


4. If a game is suspended, and said pitcher met the requirements for the win is my only thought..


6. Picking off a runner for the final out would cause this.


8. In the strike year of 1981, the Cincinnati Reds had the best record in baseball. Because of the playoff system set up, they did not make it to the postseason.

9. Is this because games only go 8.5 innings if the home team is winning?

Are these all legit situtations, or am I missing the bigger picture here? Anyone with a little help?




2 responses

7 08 2008

You forgot that a foul ball can win a ball game. a player catching the ball is my guss.

8 08 2008

I still can’t see how a leadoff hitter can bat every inning, and his team loses 1-0.

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