Topps Red Hot Rookies #8 and #9

12 08 2008

Topps Red Hot Rookie #8 is, unsurprisingly Jeff Samardzija. I say unsurprisingly because he was recently a Topps Finest redemption, and it only makes sense that Topps would use him to fill one of the twenty spots they reserved for this redemption program. Samardzija either figured out pitching a couple months ago, or MLB batters have yet to figure him out. I can’t see Jeff being as good as he’s been for much longer.

Red Hot Rookie #9 is Brad Ziegler. Yeah, I hadn’t really heard of him either, until I saw this post at Tastes Like Dirt. Apparently, Ziegler recently set the record for consecutive scoreless innings to start a career, a record he is still adding to. It currently stands at 37 IP. Not bad, eh?

Ziegler also seems pretty down to earth, and you can read articles by him as he went through the minors and his current stint in the majors over at Athletics Nation. Here’s a link to Brad’s latest, if you’re interested.

So if you’re a Cubs fan with redemption #8 or an A’s fan with redemption #9, you’re probably pretty happy right now. If not, you are probably looking for a Cubs or A’s fan to trade with.

The list so far:
1. Jay Bruce
2. Justin Masterson
3. John Bowker
4. Kosuke Fukudome
5. Mike Aviles
6. Chris Davis
7. Chris Volstad
8. Jeff Samardzija
9. Brad Ziegler




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