Damaged cards

13 08 2008

Just wondering what you guys do with damaged cards.  Obviously the classic stuff you keep anyway, but this is stuff from the 80’s, 90’s and my latest adventures in 2007 and 08.  Do you keep them in a box in the closet?  Throw them away?  Give them to goodwill or an orphanage?  Bonfires?

Just curious.



2 responses

17 08 2008

That is a good question. Up until about three years or so I could not bring myself to the point of throwing away a card just because it was damaged. But, since then I have found myself throwing away mid nineties commons and even current commons from time to time.

It still seems wierd and wrong but at the same time, what am I going to do with another common Roger Pavlik or Mike Morgan thats damaged?

Anything vintage though I keep even if its torn in half.

21 08 2008

If the 07 through 08 cards are Topps you can send in the damaged cards and they will send you a replacement. But just throw away all the other ones.

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