2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers preview

14 08 2008

First off, can I say that all card companies need to stop with the exclamation points on their sell sheets, especially when it’s for something like “Gum in every pack!”  I doubt anyone on the fence is going to be persuaded by this fact alone. 

Collector 1:  “Are you going to get the new Heritage High numbers?”
Collector 2: “I’m not sure.”
Card Shop Owner: “There’s gum in every pack!”
Collector 2: “14 boxes, please!”

And scene. 

Things I like

Design – Had I bought the original series, I’d have to chase these down.  I’ve thought off and on about becoming a team collector, and it’s this kind of set that drives that desire.  Then I think that I’d rather have the original 1959 Reds, and I push that desire away.

On card autos – Good for you, Topps.  Keep this going, even if it means delaying a release for a while. 

The Box loader – I’m not sure why these seem so cool – maybe because I’ve never gotten one.  But they always intrigue me.

The gum –  It comes one stick in each pack!

Things I do not like:

Stamping the original 1959 cards – Why in the world would you do this?  Why purposely damage a card that’s close to 50 years old with a gold foil stamp.  It looks awful, and it really ruins the thrill of pulling a classic card for me.

35 Short Printed rookies – The bane of the set collector.  Artificial value at it’s finest.  It appears this trend will never end, though.

Things I don’t understand:

2 Update and Highlights cards per pack – What’s the point of this, aside from getting collectors to buy more wax to complete their Heritage high number set?  You know what, move this to things I don’t like.  It’s Topps attempt to make more money instead of putting the collector first.  Stupid Topps. 

And unless I’m reading this wrong, there’s also 2 Topps Chrome cards per box numbered from 201-300?  So this is like a high numbered release for Heritage, Chrome, and Update and Highlights?  Why not call it that, then, instead of just Heritage High Numbers?  Why not dump the Update and Highlight box release altogether? 

Back to the box – There’s 24 packs a box, 8 cards a pack, which means 192 total cards.  48 of those are Update and Highlights cards, 2 are Topps Chrome cards, there are 6 inserts a box, and 1 relic or auto as well, meaning you’ll get 135 cards of the 220 card set.  I don’t see the insert ratio for the 35 short printed rookies listed on the sell sheet.

So at least two boxes to make the set, not counting all the SPs.  The sell sheet shows an October 13 release date.  The only on line presell I see shows a November 14th release date.  The box is listed at $65.




2 responses

14 08 2008

Even if the SPs are seeded 1:2 like A & G, I still need at least two boxes to pull everything.

I lucked out with my A & G break — I had only two base doubles and two SP doubles, so there wasn’t much left to trade for after that.

Heritage II sounds like a great idea. It’d be an awesome idea if they took what was good about the set it’s replacing — Topps ’52 — and have only 20 or so SPs and no useless inserts. I mean really, if I wanted U & H cards, I’d buy them.

14 08 2008

The Heritage does sound neat. It seemed kind of boring this year until recently, cardwise. Regarding your observation about exclamation Gum in Every Pack!, haaaaaaahaaa. Good point. I mean, GOOD POINT!

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