It’s Corey Patterson’s team now

14 08 2008

Clearly, Corey Patterson just didn’t want to show up big money guys like Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn.   Now that they are gone, Corey’s gone 3-7 with a 2B, a HR, and 3 RBIs. 

Either Corey’s shaken out of his season long slump in an effort to end 2008 over the mendoza line, or he’s trying to give the Reds a reason to sign him next year to play in their newly depleted outfield. 

Should be an interesting 2009.




2 responses

14 08 2008

Definitely Corey will be worth watching, and if Micah gets his mojo back, he’ll be formidable too.

14 08 2008

Yes, Owings makes the trade of Dunn a little more palatable. Even if he doesn’t make it as a pitcher, I know the Reds need an OF…

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