2008/09 Upper Deck Black Diamond hockey preview

15 08 2008

Black Diamond is one of Upper Deck’s more popular and longest running hockey releases, and this year should continue that run.  The cards, as usual, look great, and I’ll post some images later on tonight for those interested.  Everything else from last year is generally the same.

The cards come 5 per pack, with 24 packs in a box, and 12 boxes in a case.  That’s 120 cards in a box.  Each box will contain:

  • 6 triple diamond cards (3 rookies, 3 veterans)
  • 2 quad diamond cards (1 rookie, 1 veteran) 
  • 6  double diamond cards (all veterans)
  • 2 quad jersey cards
  • 2 die cut cards (a single and a double diamond)
  • 1 parallel card

That’s 81 base cards out of an 84 base cards, which is pretty decent if you don’t want to chase down all the double-triple-quad diamond portions of the set.  However, the full set features 41 of each of these, meaning 21 boxes (or about 2 cases) with no duplication will net you the full set (with a duplicate quad diamond to trade!).

And if you buy a case, you’ll also get 6 of the Gemography auto inserts and 1-2 Run for the Cup inserts, which last year featured an acetate picture inlaid in a regular sized card.  This year, they are numbered out of 100. 

One thing to note is that it’s quad jerseys or nothing in this release.  I’ve noticed this trend in a lot of Upper Deck releases, that is the phasing out of single swatches on cards in favor of doubles, or in this case quads.  I’m interested to see if this carries over to the base set release and to other baseball releases, too.

No info on a release date.  I’m guessing around $80 a box, but so far am coming up empty on presells.




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