2008 Upper Deck Timeline Baseball preview

17 08 2008

Haven’t seen anything about this one other than a presell. 

The set itself is composed of eight “subsets,” each featuring a design from a previous Upper Deck release.  Aside from 2 autos per box, the selling point here (I guess) is the short prints, which fall at a ratio of 6:1.  No, not a box.  A pack. 

Let me say that again. 

6 short prints in every pack. 

What.  the.  Heck. 

There’s 8 cards in a pack, and 18 packs in a box.  So you’ll be getting 108 short prints when you’re done.  The base cards themselves, then, fall 2 a pack, almost making them short prints by default.     


For those interested, here’s the breakdown of the SPs:

  • Rookie card subset (50 cards) (1:1 pack)
  • 1992 UD Minor League regular subset (30 cards) (1:1 pack)
  • 1995 SP Top Prospects regular subset (50 cards)
  • 2004 UD Timeless Team subset (100 cards) (1:1 pack
  • 1993 SP Rookie Card subset (25 cards) (1:3 packs)
  • 1995 SP Rookie Card subset (25 cards) (1:6 packs) 

Timeline is scheduled for a release on November 8th.  I’ve seen the boxes presell between $54 and $65.



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18 10 2008
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