2008 Topps Allen and Ginter Blaster Box

17 08 2008

So I broke down and got one, only because the local box gave me a discount to shop there. 

I was standing there in the card aisle, and I realized as I casually dug through the 15 Goudey blasters, the 12 Victory hockey blasters, and the 47 Upper Deck First Edition Update (now with more firstness!) blasters that I must subconsciously want one of these things.  I found one on the second shelf, tucked way in the back.  If you were the one hiding it back there to buy it later, I’m sorry.  Next time, hide it in the bread aisle.

I decided that my wife and I would break it open all in one night, four packs a piece.  Below are the results, grouped in packs of two.  For added enjoyment, see if you can figure out which pack my wife opened, and which one I did.  Remember, she’s the one that usually pulls the good packs, and you can leave those guesses in the comments below.  Good luck.

Pack 1
James Loney
Adam Dunn *sigh*
Paul Konerko
Paul Lo Duca
Callix Crabbe
Prince Fielder mini
Ad to Crack to Code

Pack 2
Yunel Escobar
Hunter Pence
Carlos Gomez
Pluto (hell yeah!)
Chin-Lung Hu
Brian Barton black border mini
Arizona loves Brian Bannister. Brian Bannister loves photography.
Checklist one of four

Adam Dunn with Arizona:  5 games, 6-18 with 2 doubles, 3 RBIs, 7 BB and even a SB.  I think the Reds could use a player like that.

Those black border minis look even nicer that the regular ones.  I’m highly doubting my patience and pocketbook to put together a set of them, though, even if they wouldn’t take up as much room as the regular set.

Pack 3
Nyjer Morgan
Clayton Kershaw
Jered Weaver
Johnny Damon
Mark Spitz World’s Greatest Victories
Alfonso Soriano mini

Pack 4
Troy Glaus
Melky Cabrera
Derek Lowe
Carl Crawford
Pat Burrell
Derek Jeter is from Pequannock, New Jersey
Hunter Pence mini

When we opened the first two packs, I saw the code border on the ad card and mistakenly got excited.  These two packs made up for that false hope. A fitting pull for the night that Michael Phelps makes Spitz an afterthought in Olympic swimming history. 

I remember reading somewhere that the code has been cracked, and the call to action was simply a message to dial a telephone number (Topps with the clever pun, ‘call’ to action).  However, this could have been a stall tactic by someone to throw people off the trail.  So keep cracking, folks, and let me know what it says.

Pack 5
Mike Lowell
Mark Texeira
Rickie Weeks
James Bowie
Jesse Carlson
Casey Blake is from Iowa
Paul Konerko mini

Pack 6
Friedrich Nietzsche
Carlos Beltran
Jose Valverde
Garrett Atkins
Carlos Beltran
Felix Hernandez mini

Big Donkey and the Boss in one blaster?  I think this box got mistakenly shipped left coast when it should have gone Midwest.  I’m not complaining, though.  And I can’t tell if Jay looks smug or bored to be on another baseball card.

Pack 7
Matt Kemp
Edgar Renteria
Akinori Iwamura
Golden Gate Bridge
James Fenimore Cooper
Justin Morneau mini

Pack 8
Luke Scott
Javier Vazquez
Jim Thome
Delmon Young
Ervin Santana
Melky Cabrera game worn pants
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (his friends call him “Bambang”), ruler of Indonesia
Checklist card two of four

Before we opened the last two packs, I said to my wife, “Maybe I didn’t have a strong urge on these blasters because there aren’t any great hits in them.” Then out comes the Fenimore Cooper card.  Natty Bumppo is one of my favorite literary character names.  And without Cooper, there’d be no Fenimore Cooper’s Literary Offense’s by Mark Twain

But really, it’s all about the pants.  Yankee pants.  Who know what part of Melky’s bottom half this swatch of history touched? Our minds reeled at the possibility.  And then Bambang from Indonesia on top of it.  Quite the pack.

Melky had actually struggled for much of the season before turning in a decent July. That was followed by a horrendous August, and now the guy has been demoted to AAA. Not the greatest of pulls, but I’m not going to complain about a relic hit in a blaster box.  If anyone’s interested in trading for it, let me know.



2 responses

19 08 2008

1) A & G is, if you hadn’t noticed, pullin’ you in 🙂
2) Digging through LOTS of other boxes = a good box is hard to find (no Flannery O’Connor A&G card, though; this is a major oversight)
3) Gotta. love. the. pants.

Your wife must have opened The Pluto and The Melky.

19 08 2008

Yeah, it really is. I may have to put together a set of these, yet.

And those are both correct.

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