Topps Red Hot Rookies #10 and #11

19 08 2008

Red Hot Rookie #10 is Gio Gonzalez, The White Sox #1 ranked prospect before they traded him to the A’s for Nick Swisher. Gio has struggled since his call up, going 1-2 with a 7.53 ERA and a 11-11 K/BB ratio in 14.1 Innings pitched, but Baseball America says he has the potential to be a #2 or #3 type starter. Not the ace of your Red Hot Rookies, but not the worst either.

Rod Hot Rookie #11 is probably your ace, then. It’s Clayton Kershaw of the Dodgers. I wrote something up about him when he was announced as a Topps Finest Rookie. Since that post, Kershaw has gone another 6 innings, giving up a run on 8 hits while striking out 6. Still looking strong.



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