Topps Red Hot Rookie #12

20 08 2008

Topps announced their Red Hot Rookie #12 last night. It’s Daniel Murphy.


Daniel Murphy. He’s an OF for the Mets.

Never heard of him. He any good?

Well, Baseball America ranks him as the 15th best prospect in the Mets system at the start of the year. Says he has good gap power that would be decent for a 3B.

I thought you said he’s an OF.

He is.


John Sickles said Murphy is a “potential contributor” in his review of the Mets system.

Well, that’s something.

Yes. But he also said he doesn’t believe he’s a “future star.”

So my one a box insert is basically of a utility player who may or may not contribute?



My condolences to those of you holding redemption #12. For your sake, here’s hoping Murphy takes the majors by storm and never looks back.

The list so far:
1. Jay Bruce
2. Justin Masterson
3. John Bowker
4. Kosuke Fukudome
5. Mike Aviles
6. Chris Davis
7. Chris Volstad
8. Jeff Samardzija
9. Brad Ziegler
10. Gio Gonzalez
11. Clayton Kershaw
12. Daniel Murphy




3 responses

20 08 2008

As long as #19 is Charlie Morton I’ll be happy. Otherwise I’ll be giving away the redemption code in a contest unless it’s an autograph or something.

21 08 2008

WHY is Ian Stewart not in this set yet?

30 08 2008
Daniel Murphy is the 8th Finest Rookie Redemption, Denard Span the 9th « Hand Collated

[…] discussed Murphy in his Red Hot Rookie post.  John Sickles has since written that the Mets should “get good use out of him over the […]

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