EBay no longer accepting checks and money orders

21 08 2008

In case you weren’t aware, this is happening in the fall (about halfway down):

…checks and money orders will no longer be accepted on eBay, although buyers can still use these payment methods for item pick-up, at the seller’s discretion. In addition, the electronic payment methods will be fully integrated into eBay checkout. For example, if a seller has an internet merchant account, a buyer will be able to directly enter a credit card and never have to leave the site.

This won’t affect me that much, as I tend to use PayPal anyway, and I’m not sure why buyers and sellers couldn’t sidestep the process if they really wanted to. But it is convienent that eBay owns PayPal and will stand to profit from this move, isn’t it?




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21 08 2008

Do WHAT? I never use PayPal (because it sucks) and everything I buy is with a money order or cash. This is just stupid, how can they expect to ‘stay competitive’ by limiting the choices of their customers? You’re right though, this is a stupid corporate trick to boost their PayPal revenue.

21 08 2008

Paypal is very pricey for sellers, not terrible for buyers. But this move is further corporate bullshwag. How can they stand themselves?

21 08 2008

I like it. I hate it when I’m interested in an auction but the seller won’t take Paypal. Come on, it’s the 21st century. Who writes checks anymore?

30 09 2008

It looks like it’s time for somebody to start up ‘fbay’. Obviously ebay has gone the way of the do-do and can’t meet the requirtements of their target customers. We don’t want to use paypal, we want to deal with the seller directly. I guess I’m doing all my buying on Craigslist effective October 1, 2008.

5 11 2008

This policy was pushed by the U.S. Government with help of Senator Christopher Dodd. The government wants all electronic transactions tracked, and if you have over 200 transactions a year and or $10,000 in sales the information will now be turned over to the IRS starting Jan. 2010. Paper payments throw a wrench in there new plan, so just decided to do away with them. This will be the kiss of death for all involved. And the 200 transactions will include all transactions including shipping services you purchase with Pay Pal.

4 12 2008

Who writes checks? I do. And I cashed out my Ebay credit when I found out about this new rule after wasting a half hour started to put up a new auction.

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