Daniel Murphy is the 8th Finest Rookie Redemption, Denard Span the 9th

30 08 2008

Topps announed the 8th and 9th Finest rookies earlier this week while I was away.

I discussed Murphy in his Red Hot Rookie post.  John Sickles has since written that the Mets should “get good use out of him over the coming seasons.”  The rest of it reads pretty ambivalent to me, though, and getting a guy projected to hit .280 with moderate power with my box hit still seems like a disapointment. I’d try and trade it to a Mets fan.

The 9th Finest rookie redemption is Denard Span, OF for the Twins. Span is one of those guys I think Topps has held onto all year in case the bigger names don’t get the call. In July, John Sickles said Span should settle in the .250-.275 range with good speed, however Span has defied this line by continuing to hit over .300 this season while stealing 13 bases. If he can keep up those numbers, he’ll be valuable to the Twins, but not to most card collectors.

Two clunkers, leading up to the final pick. The list so far:
1. Johnny Cueto
2. Jay Bruce
3. Kosuke Fukudome
4. Jeff Samardzija
5. Chris Davis
6. Justin Masterson
7. Clayton Kershaw
8. Daniel Murphy
9. Denard Span




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