I’m back

30 08 2008

The vacation was nice, albeit a little short.  I thought about and had nothing to do with card collecting while I was away, checked the box scores with a cursory glance only (both the Reds and the fantasy team are too far out of their races to generate much interest at this point), and I’m patiently waiting for the start of hockey season in another month or so.

In the meantime I’ve found myself getting drawn back into the world of political observing, enjoying the words of Barack Obama last night and wondering today what impact the nomination of Sarah Palin has on the election as a whole (who get’s out the first Palin/McCain duel auto? Rumor has it Upper Deck is going to sign Palin to an exclusive contract) If you want my take, let me know, and we can do some e-mailing (handcollated at wordpress dot com). I’m not going to force politics into a card blog, though.

So if the posts are a little fewer for the next month or so, that’s probably why. I can almost guarantee that as the election approaches I’ll be more and more distracted by Obama-McCain, at least until the beginning of October when more releases I’m interested in start to trickle out, but more likely straight into November until the new guy wins.

That doesn’t mean I’ll stop trading or writing about things here. In fact, I’ll probably be trying to fill in more of the older sets during this lull once I get that 2007 Topps set out of the way, and I’ll make sure to update you on all the adventures. And I’m sure a blaster of something will catch my eye at some point.

I just wanted to warn you ahead of time if there’s a little more lag and a little less writing.




One response

30 08 2008

That’s very understandable. What an incredibly interesting election this is!

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