Things I don’t understand

30 08 2008

Well, there’s a lot of things I don’t understand.  But one thing that befuddles me while I’m updating the release calender on the side is why Upper Deck would release two different products on back to back days.

I understand that the release of X on the 16th and Ballpark Collection on the 17th are aimed at two different pocket books (X for the collector and Ballpark for the big hit hunters) and neither release has a built in fan base since this is the debut for both.  But why not on back to back to back weeks, instead?  Why not release one in the month lull they had earlier this year?

I know there’s not a good answer to this.  My only thought is that people who go to their hobby shop on the 17th to buy Ballpark will see the X and take a gamble on that as well.

Otherwise, I’m stumped.  So you tell me…  dumb marketing, or brilliant idea that I just don’t get?




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