Topps Red Hot Rookies #13 and #14

3 09 2008

Topps Red Hot Rookie #13 is Cincinnati Red OF Chris Dickerson. Baseball America ranked him their 27th prospect and say he ranks as the “best athlete” in the Reds farm system. So far he’s hit very well, with a .329 average to go along with 5 HR and 5 SB. Maybe he’s figured things out. At any rate, Reds fan should feel comfortable knowing that Dickerson at his worst next year should still be better than Corey Patterson was at his best this year.

Red Hot Rookie #14 is Pablo Sandoval, Catcher for the San Francisco Giants. Pablo was ranked 10th on John Sickles prospect list back in 2006, but has since fallen out of the top 20 there and out of Baseball America’s top 30 as well. Don’t worry, though, wikipedia knows how to educate:

Sandoval has a distinctive and spiritual pre-at bat ritual he uses to honor members of his family. He draws a cross behind the plate and thanks G-d for the opportunity to get another hit, then skips through the box and taps his spikes alternately three times for his deceased grandmother, grandfather and sister Diana (who died in a car crash when only a year old).

So far the ritual has paid off, as Sandoval currently boasts a .349 average through 17 games and 1 HR. However, it’s highly unlikely he pays off in the long run.

The Rookies so far:
1. Jay Bruce
2. Justin Masterson
3. John Bowker
4. Kosuke Fukudome
5. Mike Aviles
6. Chris Davis
7. Chris Volstad
8. Jeff Samardzija
9. Brad Ziegler
10. Gio Gonzalez
11. Clayton Kershaw
12. Daniel Murphy
13. Chris Dickerson
14. Pablo Sandoval




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