Allen and Ginter Blaster: The Return

8 09 2008

See, with all the political watching going on, I left this in the pending posts queue for far too long.  So I’ll take a trip down memory lane and you guys will see it all for the first time.  Let’s begin:

Pack 1
Todd Helton
Freddy Sanchez
Matt Cain
Ty Wigginton
Ken Griffey Jr
JoJo Reyes mini (with roller marks)
Grady Sizemore’s from Washington

Pack 2
Hideki Okajima
Hank Blalock
Mark Ellis
Billy Wagner
Derek Jeter
Jake Peavy mini
Nate Robertson, Kansas’ best

When I saw Nate Robertson on the Kansas state card, I thought ‘cool, a guy on my fantasy team’ which then quickly reminded me how bad he’s been all year long. Then I went all wikipedia and found out Johnny Damon is also from Kansas.  Maybe Topps thought there were more Robertson fans than Damon fans.   I think that was the wrong call. 

One card I won’t complain about is the Griffey. Sweet pic, sweet colors. If they all looked like this I would have bought into the A and G hype sooner. Take a look:












I will say at first glance I thought that was his belly button poking out above his belt, though, and not his pants.  Silly me.

Moving on.

Pack 3
Frank Thomas
Eric Byrnes
Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Miguel Tejada
Frederick Douglass
Brendan Harris mini

Pack 4
Johan Santana
Scott Kazmir
Dan Jansen
Jayson Nix
Darci Barton mini
Mark Spitz crack the code

Hmm… My second Spitz code card in two boxes…  what if Topps is personally sending me some sort of code?  Should I start swimming?  Will I only win 7 gold medals in my lifetime?  Tell me Topps…  TELL ME!!!

Ahem.  Anyway.   That Thomas card looks nice.  I’m glad the Allen and Ginter crew went out of their way to make the old timers look good.

Pack 5
Mickey Mantle
Brian Bannister
Lance Berkman
Gil Meche
Kazuo Fukumori
Jimmy Rollins mini
Crack the Code ad card

Pack 6
Travis Hafner
Adam Wainwright
Matt Diaz
Dean Karnazes
Jim Edmonds
Nick Swisher representin’ Ohio (with roller marks)
checklist 2 of 4

Maybe it’s the card geek in me, but I still get a thrill about pulling a Mick (as long as it’s not a 500+ card parallel set, that is).  It’s one of the reasons I’ll go after the Stadium Club blasters, too, once they come out.  I’m tired of waiting until October for stuff I want to come out, though. 

Pack 7
Julio Lugo
Howie Kendrick
Brandon Wood
Ryan Howard
Trevor Hoffman
Michelle Bachelet Jeria of Chile World Leader mini
Carlos Zambrano Jersey

Pack 8
Andy Pettitte
Tom Gorzelanny
Mark Buehrle
Carlos Lee
Oscra Wilde
Kevin Kouzmanoff mini
Crack the Ad card

Carlos!  Not a bad pull, even with the shoulder tendinitis.  What makes it cooler is that it’s not the boring gray or white swatch, but a bright bold blue.  Beautiful.  And I actually pulled it this time instead of the wife.  Still, anyone who’s interested in it should drop me a line.




2 responses

8 09 2008

What is up with Topps and the roller marks this year? It’s like roller marks are the twenty first century wax stain. Fix your equipment Topps!

10 09 2008

The roller marks, meaning that black horizontal line?? I was wondering what that was. I got one on my Miguel Cabrera base card! Have you also noticed that long the top or bottom edge, some of the cards’ edges are kinda frayed?? But other than that, I love A&G

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