Upper Deck Legends Masterpieces Hockey released

9 09 2008

So this box break of 2008/09 Upper Deck Masterpieces posted on the still anemic Beckett message boards, so I thought I’d pass it along. 

While the guy who broke the box liked the look of the cards, the scans appear pretty flat and uninspired while the auto and memorabilia cards feel like a 1970’s version of fancy bound classic books. It’s as the Time Life company put out some hockey cards. Sure the Tkaczuk card looks good, but it feel like I’d need to ask permission from my grandma before I got it out, and then I’d have to blow the dust off it to appreciate it fully.

If there’s a pack for sale at a nearby store, then I’ll give it a chance to change my mind, since it may just be the scanner causing the flatness.  Until then, my guarded optimism from my preview has failed.  I’ll be saving up for something else.




One response

9 09 2008

These look pretty nice. I like the older players and Marty McSorley’s signature looks great. I saw them at the card shop but they were over six dollars a pack. If they make their way to Target or WalMart, I might pick up a few packs out of curiosity.

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