2008/09 Upper Deck MVP Hockey preview

16 09 2008

Continuing with the idea that a single swatch isn’t enough, Upper Deck release MVP hockey promising that all jersey cards will be dual sided and feature four players each and fall one per box while all signature cards will be dual autos and fall one per case. 

One notable change this year is that all rookies are in pack rather than through resumptions.  Since I’m not collecting the set, I’m ambivalent about this, but it seems overall to be a good idea.   I sent in a redemption card back in 1999 that I still haven’t received, so I’ve never been a big fan.

As far a design, this year’s MVP reminds me a lot of the 1999 and 2000 release.  Fairly simple, white borders – they are usually nice looking cards, and this year follows that trend. 

Upper Deck MVP is scheduled for a December 2nd release and early online presales run around $40.  Not a bad pick up for those looking for a basic introductory release.



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