Which season should card releases reflect?

17 09 2008

I’m not sure I have the juice for a long post on this topic, but as I was looking over the MVP hockey checklist last night a thought occurred.  Here’s the listing for the New York Rangers in the set:

189 Jaromir Jagr
190 Scott Gomez
191 Brendan Shanahan
192 Sean Avery
193 Chris Drury
194 Brandon Dubinsky
195 Martin Straka
196 Henrik Lundqvist
197 Colton Orr
198 Nigel Dawes
199 Marc Staal

Of the players featured, only seven are still with the team.  Jagr and Straka are playing in Europe this year. Shanahan is an unrestricted free agent as I type this, and superpest Sean Avery signed with the Dallas Stars.  Yet all four will see a Rangers card in a release that’s still three months away.

And these aren’t recent events, either.  I can see a delay in changing Avery’s jersey from Broadway blue to Dallas green, but the other three cuts should have been fairly easy to make.  now, checklists are subject to change, but I’m sure that these three will still be comfortably nestled in foil come December.

And I dare say this makes sense.  Cards should be released to commemorate seasons gone by, not to reflect the season that approaches.  When I break out this MVP set 20 years from now, I’ll remember the good times from the 2007/08 season with Sean Avery, and not the fact that he annoyed me once more in the 08/09 season now that he was on a different team. 

So I thought I’d ask those of you that stop by:  Do you like the idea that card releases are more whole memories of seasons past, or would you rather see sets more responsive to off season signing an trades?   Please show your work, where necessary.




2 responses

17 09 2008

I think that if the set comes out before the actaul season starts then I’m fine with it being all about last season but when the MVP set’s not coming out until 2 months into the season then I would expect updates. Sounds like another scenerio where Upper Deck has no competition in the market and doesn’t put effort into their releases.

My favorite is still the old OPC cards where they paint on the new teams jersey and helmet on the player. Classic!!

19 09 2008

As a team collector, I kind of like reflecting the coming season. I always want that first card from the new free agent the Phillies just signed. There’s nothing better than a new Geoff Jenkins Phillies card. Then again, I enjoy my Toby Borlands and Braulio Castillos.

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