Two random packs of Upper Deck Series 2

19 09 2008

I headed to my local card shop today intent only on buying a pack of Upper Deck Hockey Masterpieces.  I wanted to see these cards for myself, see if the cards were as washed out as the scans I had seen made them appear, or if they were bright and bold like the pictures (finally) up on the Upper Deck website. 

Too my surprise, the local shop had them.  To my dismay, they were priced at $10 a pack.  Guess I’ll be checking the single pack card aisle at the local box.  It’s not as if I want a set of these things.  I just want to know how they really look before I pass final judgement. 

Instead, I plunked down plastic on a couple Upper Deck packs from Series 2, just to fill in some set gaps.  Let’s see how it went:

Pack 1

623 Paul Maholm
792 John Lackey Season Highlights
718 Denard Span Rookie card
767 Dmirti Young checklist – really? I like Da Meathook, but he’s the best rep for the Nationals?
793 Jose Reyes Season Highlights
444 Matt Murton – NEED
490 Nate Robertson – NEED
413 Jeff Francoeur – NEED
428 Steve Trachsel – NEED
655 Troy Glaus
697 Elijah Dukes – the back of the card says he “dented a homer.” Never heard that one before.
631 Randy Wolf
690 Marco Scutaro
651 Chris Carpenter – NEED
546 Hong-Chih Kuo
556 Jeff Suppan
593 Hideki Matsui
USA 23 Scott Gorgen
Filler card
732 C.C. Sabathia, damaged
526 Mark Tehan, damaged

AAARGGHHH! I had forgotten all about staying away from Upper Deck because of damaged cards until this. Stupid Upper Deck. Thank goodness I didn’t need them for the set.

Seriously, I’m not sure why a company that’s been around for almost 20 years can’t figure out how to get cards into packs and then into my hands undamaged. Please work on this for next year. Please.

Five cards down. On to pack #2

Pack #2

636 Rich Aurilia – I was going to do a post on poorly worded backs, and Aurilia was going to be the first. “…Aurilia made an impact with the team and especially on 5/7/07 when he went 2-for-4 with an HR versus the Mets.” Two things: 1) “made an impact with the team, especially on…” and 2) “a HR,” not “an.” What are baseball cards teaching our kids?

683 David Eckstein – Eckstein has no regard for the “I before E” rule.
666 Jason Bartlett
511 Jorge Cantu
654 Skip Schumaker
694 Ryan Zimmerman – NEED
585 Kei Igawa – …or sounds like “a” as in neighbor and weigh. He’s good.
536 Gary Matthews
672 Jason Botts
492 Justin Verlander
422 Nick Markakis
468 Ryan Freel
685 John McDonald
557 Chris Capuano
594 Kyle Farnsworth
USJR TM – Tim Melville Auto Patch card, #24/99

Oh, that Aurilia card? Not only grammatically damaged, but physically damaged, too.

The first thing I noticed about this pack was no Season Highlight or Rookie cards. They got moved out to make room for the patch card, a piece dull gray with the hint of red on the left hand side. Melville was ranked by Baseball America as the #15 best prospect in the draft this year, but he fell due to signability concerns. The Royals took him in the fourth round and signed him for $1.25 million.

Not bad for two packs, I guess.  I was hoping for more than six cards for the set, though.  These combined with the package from Dinged Corners has put a little dent in my wantlist, though (thanks, ladies!).  It has been updated, if you want to help.




4 responses

22 09 2008

can i trade for that denard span RC?

23 09 2008

Sure. Send me an email, and we’ll work something out.

15 02 2009

hey do you need that ryan zimmerman card #694? I’ve the one that is numbered out of 99

16 02 2009

Jordan –

It looks like I needed it at the time, but I’ve pulled an extra one since then. It’s yours if you need it.

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