Upper Deck Ballpark collection

23 09 2008

Since I’m poor and probably won’t spend $160 on a box of cards, I’m forced once again to live vicariously through box breaks on the Beckett message boards. Thanks, guys.

Let me start by saying I really like the way these things look. The dark wood toned background does nice things for the top notch photos Upper Deck seems to have in abundance, especially on the auto cards. The patch cards don’t do much for me, though, even the Papelbon logo 1/1.  Sure it looks nice, but I can’t fight the feeling that I’d be more thrilled with the Janish auto, and he’s a soft hitting slick fielding backup shortstop. 

Nice to see my priorities straight.

And, as evidenced in the first box break, Johnny Cueto’s learning cursive.  I wish him all the best in that most useless endeavor.

Anyhow, while the boxes may be long on fun, they appear short on value.  The Papelbon 1/1 may have saved box two, but I’d be surprised if box 1 got more than $60 for the hits shown in the scan.  I was surprised at how pedistrian some of the hits felt, until I hit up eBay to see some of the completed items:

A Schmidt/Griffey/Pujols/Ortiz quad jersey:  sold for 15 bucks.

A Papelbon, Varitek, Ortiz, Ramirez, Holliday, Atkins, Francis and Tulowitzski oct jersey:  again, 15 bucks.

I’m sure that I’d have buyer’s remorse if I got a box of this unless it was closer to $50 than the current $160 I’ve seen it selling for.  Either way, I’ll have to add the Reds autos to my growing list of wants.  Once I get that 2007 Topps set out of the way, that is.




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23 09 2008
Eric Slette

I just got back from the card shop, and dropped $25 for the Jeter/Giambi/Mora/some other Oriole quad jersey card. I have no doubt I paid too much, but I have a Jeter jersey from that collection now, and I don’t have to drop $50 a pack.

24 09 2008

Funny, I just passed on a Schmidt/Griffey/Pujols/Ortiz quad jersey in a card shop last week. It was also fifteen bucks. Multi player cards are usually less popular though.

24 09 2008

Multiplayer cards are less popular? Really? Is that because people who just want the Schmidt don’t want the Ortiz, for example?

I know I tend not to like the liliputian pictures that are forced on a card with eight players, or even four, so I’d assume that’s part of it, too.

Who knew my instincts on these were part of the general populations thoughts as well. I’m learning so much.

26 09 2008

Since this collection is packed with dual, quad and 8-player swatch cards, they are relatively cheap. I got a Cain/Lincecum dual just now. How much? Less than $4. Factor in shipping and it’s less than $8. I got a 8 player swatch with lincecum and randy johnson among other players the day before. A little over $4 for the card and with shipping, it was around $8. $16 for two patch cards. Is it worth it to pay 30-50 for a single pack or 160 for a box? I think not.

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