I’m suspending blogging…

25 09 2008

… so I can return to Ohio and resume my fan work on getting the Reds into the playoffs.  It’s clear I’m needed more in Cincinnati than I am here, and I think it’s important at this time of need that I set a good example as an online representative of Cincinnati Reds fandom.  Not since the administration of Marge Schott and her dog “Schottzie” has the team needed me more.

Even still, I’m working on a proposal for the government myself.  Tell me what you think:

1.  The government should lend me, the collector, $700 billion to do with as I see fit.  This can be in lump sums, starting with $250 billion, with additional requests for $100 billion as needed.  In return, I’ll give them an equity share and profits can be used to pay down the national debt.

2.  There will be transparency!  Everything bought will be posted here on the site for the whole country to see.  It would, after all, be our collection, and we therefore should all be able to see it.

3.  This money can also be used to help the average Joe collect his cards in a time of financial crisis.  I won’t be able to spend $700 billion for a long time, so I will help other struggling card bloggers and collectors out of their problems as well.

4.  There will be a cap on my salary that I take from this project.  This cap is still open to debate, at this time.

Any other provisions you, as the taxpayer, would like to see?




One response

26 09 2008

That is freakin’ hilarious!

Man … $700 billion to spend on cards. That’s like heaven to me. With that much money, you could even afford Topps Sterling and Upper Deck Ultimate! And imagine how that would stimulate the card companies’ profits … I mean, the American economy!

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