No, Upper Deck, no! (Black hockey thoughts)

26 09 2008

As far as I recall, this is Upper Deck’s first foray into celebrity cut autographs into hockey cards.


Hopefully it won’t infect the company’s entire hockey line.  If it does, I can only hope that the NHL will allow other licensees in the future, especially ones who won’t do this sort of thing.

And speaking of Black, I think these get my early vote for ugliest design of the 2008/09 season so far:

Last night I was sure this was the ugliest thing ever.  Today, I don’t dislike it as much, but I’ll still post the scan for outside opinions.  Those gold foil “ribbons” on the bottom especially have got to go. 

Having said this, here’s an early entry for nicest looking design:

Dumb name aside (Obsidian, really?), I like the look of these, especially how the scan give the illusion of   die cut, even though it’s clear that can’t be.  And of course, it’s sweet sweet Brian Leetch, member of the 93-94 Stanley Cup winning Rangers.  Those were good times.  The years that followed were not. 

So what do you think?  NIce looking?  Ugly as sin?  Like the Game Night Ticket cards better?  Drop a comment below.



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