Allen and Ginter packs 7 & 8

27 09 2008

Here are the final two packs from Blaster #3:

Pack 7

Edwin Encarnacion
Carlos Guillen
Matt Diaz
Hideki Okajima
Jayson Nix
Scott Rolen, “Mr. Baseball” in Indiana, as opposed to Don Mattingly, or “Donnie Baseball.”  Maybe they need a new nickname machine in Indiana.
Checklist three of four (completes the set!)
Capt. W.P. Mantooth mini

Pack 8
Brian Bannister
Mickey Mantle
Gil Meche
Chin-Lung Hu
Golden Gate Bridge
Jan Peter Balkenende rules the Dutch with an iron fist

After much debate, I went and bought the fourth blaster to really compare the value of blaster vs hobby box.  

Clearly, though, you can already see the problem with cobbling blaster boxes together.  These two packs yielded two additional needs, leaving me with 5 total needed cards from the box.  That’s a lot of duplicates that you wouldn’t usually see from a Topps hobby box. 

What will the fourth box reveal?  I don’t know.  I’ve a hunch it’s more duplicates, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that there’s something good in there.  Stay tuned.




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