Customer Service, an update

27 09 2008

Near the end of July I had posted about sending off a package of damaged cards to both Upper Deck and Topps.  Both packages were mailed the same day from the same post office.  And I was amazed when the Topps cards came back within 10 days. 

After waiting a month with nothing from Upper Deck, I gave up.  So when a package with no return name arrived from Nevada, I was curious as to who had sent it and what it could be.  

Obviously at this point, it was the replacement cards from Upper Deck.  A two month turn around. 

So I was a little amped to update my wantlists and file the cards away.  And when I went through them?  9 of the 32 cards were damaged. 

I’m honestly not sure if it’s the way Upper Deck packaged them, or this is simply the sign of a production flaw that Upper Deck has yet to fix.  Either way, it’s a little disappointing to get damaged cards replaced with other damaged cards, especially after a two month wait.

Clearly Topps was going to be the winner with their quick turnaround.  But Upper Deck could have at least put in a strong showing by getting this right.   I’m not even going to bother shipping the cards back to them.  It would probably take another four or five tries to get them all fixed.




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27 09 2008

You know, that really doesn’t surprise me too much at this point. While I do love both companies’ products, it has always felt as though Topps has been the more accessible company. While I haven’t pulled too many damaged cards out of packs, it seems that nearly all mine have been from regular old Upper Deck baseball.

27 09 2008

i posted pretty much the same entry on this topic!

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