Topps announces the last three Red Hot Rookies

27 09 2008

Topps has revealed the final three Red Hot Rookie redemptions.  

18 Taylor Teagarden
19 Collin Balester
20 Lou Montanez

Or as I like to call them, win, place, and show.

I think Teagarden is the guy to have, here. Balester projects to be a middle of the rotation guy, and Montanez has done well this year in AA despite not placing in Baseball America’s top 30 for the Orioles organization.

I don’t have much to say about any of them. Obviously Teagarden he won’t keep up his HR/7 at bat pace, but he should be a good offensive threat while calling a good game behind the plate. And his last name is so relaxing, too. Balester’s the type of guy I end up with in my fantasy keep league, which is why I end up finishing middle of the road every year. And Montanez, well, I’m not sold on him quite yet.

The big winners from this mess? I’m going to say cards 1, 4, 11, and 17. The rest are a mix of potentials, both positive and negative. It will be interesting to look back on these in a couple years and see how well they hold up.

The final results:
1. Jay Bruce (auto)
2. Justin Masterson
3. John Bowker
4. Kosuke Fukudome
5. Mike Aviles
6. Chris Davis
7. Chris Volstad
8. Jeff Samardzija
9. Brad Ziegler
10. Gio Gonzalez
11. Clayton Kershaw
12. Daniel Murphy
13. Chris Dickerson
14. Pablo Sandoval
15. Nick Evans
16. Clayton Richard
17. Evan Longoria (auto)
18. Taylor Teagarden
19. Collin Balester
20. Lou Montanez




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