Reviewing the Topps Stadium Club preview video

28 09 2008

I don’t want to post the video itself, but I will if I have to.  You can go here if you want to watch it before I comment on two things.


1) A Yankee Stadium Relic card featuring Mickey Mantle? That’s really one of the bigger deals Topps can make? And the card shown features  “Authentic Bunting.” Bunting? Really?  Is there anyway to tell if the Mick was at the stadium when this bunting was used?  

2) Quoted from the video “For the first time ever in sports, original, one of a kind artist sketch cards…”
Guess no one clued Topps in to this years Upper Deck Masterpieces Hockey release, featuring, you guessed it –

– original, one of a kind artist sketch cards. And Masterpieces Hockey is already on the market.

I guess “For the second time ever in sports” didn’t sound as good.

Nitpicky? Well, maybe. But I guess I’m a little disgruntle that Topps took a fan favorite and turned it into an over hyped high end product that most of the fans can’t really afford.

And one final point, also hyped in the video:  the photography.  Sure it looks great. But I can get the same quality pictures from the Upper Deck base set at a much cheaper price.




One response

29 09 2008

Thanks for alerting me to the video. For as great as the photography is supposed to be, couldn’t they have used a new picture for the Longoria autograph card? It’s the same picture that they used for Topps Chrome.

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