2 10 2008

I guess I should have realized that Topps would counter Upper Deck’s Sarah Palin card with one of their own, but honestly the thought never crossed my mind.  Even though I had immersed myself in politics, I really was hoping that the companies would keep the campaign out of the hobby for the rest of the year. 

Too bad.  And Topps is actually countering with a double dip of Palin, one a “regular” issue of her as governor of Alaska, the other a not so secret super shortprint featuring Palin as prom queen beauty queen.  It’s the second one getting all the attention.

Initial thought?  Man, what a stupid card.  I actually had a longer post in mind, but I see tonight that Chris at Stale Gum has already written it.

That’s why he’s a blogging leader, I guess.



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