Online shopping help

5 10 2008

So I’m looking to buy some hobby boxes, and since the local store is a bit steep, I’m looking online.  I’ve checked the few places I know (Blowout Cards, Dave and Adam, Collect and Save, DCS, and cardkid), but was wondering if the blog world had other places they went to.

I’m talking this years releases, by the way.  And I’m familiar with eBay, too.

So if you’ve got a secret place you’re willing to share, shoot me an email (handcollated at gmail dot com), or if you don’t care if it remains a secret, then leave a comment below. 





3 responses

5 10 2008

I go to They generally have some of (if not the) cheapest prices around. Getting new stuff from them is a cinch, though I have had experiences where it took a while to get older stuff. I believe (though I am in no way certain) that although this guy owns a shop in Atlanta, his website sales come more or less straight from a distributor.

5 10 2008

I like They are pretty reasonable and really fast on the delivery.

7 10 2008

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