Back on Topps

11 10 2008

So the first four webisodes of “Back on Topps” have hit the web, and I must say it’s better than I thought.  And while most would take that as a compliment, I want you to know I set the initial bar pretty low.

I’ve always found the Sklar brothers painfully unfunny, and they do nothing in the show that has made me laugh so far.  They also haven’t done anything that makes me cringe, ache, or want to stop watching either, though, and the storylines are moderately entertaining if not somewhat predictable.  Seven minutes is probably my limit though, especially when it feels like a minute of that is shilling for one of the sponsors of the show.  

Having said that, I’m not sure how it’s going to get anyone to buy more cards.  So unless Topps is profiting from the sponsors, well, it seems like a waste of money to me.  

So would I recommend it?  Hard to say.  There’s probably a sunset you could watch for seven minutes that would be more rewarding, but if you are waiting for something to download or just can’t sleep, I can think of worse things to do to pass the time.



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19 10 2008
Credit where it’s due « Hand Collated

[…] Credit where it’s due 19 10 2008 In an earlier post I wrote the Sklar Brothers, now of the webcom Back on Topps had yet to make me laugh so far. […]

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