2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic review

16 10 2008

So you know, I’m extremely tired as I write this, so bear that in mind if I’m a little more incoherent that normal. And scans should be added later on in the day.

2008 SP Authentic was released yesterday, and box breaks are creeping up on the Beckett message board. This is one of those boxes that I’ll never buy, and most of the breaks so far confirm little bang for the $100 bucks or so these boxes are going for.

First, the base cards.  As with the Allen and Ginter cards, there’s simply too much white on these to make most of them attractive.  Apparently having the cards in person gives one a better appreciation for them, but looking at scans, it’s a full body shot and a whole lot of wasted space.

And it wouldn’t be an Upper Deck set without short prints. The official checklist has 36 rookie jersey autograph cards and 39 rookie autos. Number appear to be missing completely such as 103 and 104, but they may be listed in a place I just don’t see. The last prerelease checklist show a 202 card set. Upper Deck’s site has the set at 191 cards, but I can only find 175 of them. I’m sure the other 16 will turn up somewhere.

Anyway, the desgin of the Authentic Achievement inserts is roughly the same as the base cards, although Upper Deck does let a bit more of the background on these bleed through to provide less white but still too much of it.

The Marquee Matchup inserts look much nicer featuring head shots of two players in front of blurred Christmas tree lights (only 70 more shopping days to go!) and a recap of their matchups. Trust me when I say they look nicer then they sound.

There’s no fence sitting on this one, it’s a clear pass all the way for me on this one. If I see one of the Reds for cheap on the secondary market I may pick it up (the Griffey card looks nice, as do the Votto and Cueto auto jerseys and the Janish auto), but otherwise, I’ll leave this one to others.

*UPDATED*  Here’s some images culled from the America’s favorite auction site:

Ah, Griffey. I can picture the sweet swing just by looking at this card. This one ain’t so bad, but it’s still hampered by a whole lot of white.

Here you can see the subtle difference between the base cards and the Authentic Achievement inserts.

See what I mean about the Christmas tree lights? Still a nice looking card, although I noticed that players with more that one card have the same headshot used. A little variety would have been nice, but probably not cost effective.

One of the problems I noticed as I looked for a nice card to use here is the signature box window. The sig itself is set inside the top screen along with the jersey piece. So some of the autos are cut off by the cardboard prison used to contain it. This one, not too bad. But others were.




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