More on Upper Deck Timeline

18 10 2008

Upper Deck has posted some images of Upper Deck Timeline on their website, and I must say I’m unimpressed, though that may be because the whole release strikes me as silly.

For those who don’t recall, Timeline is the six-short-print-a-pack-with-subsets-based-on-past-Upper-Deck-releases release scheduled for November.

While glancing through the checklists, the cards based on past sets look as you would expect. And when I read the presale info, I assumed that they would put players who were rookies in 1992 on the 92 design, rookies from 1993 on the 93 design, etc. That’s not what they decided to do.

Instead, they decided to put this years rookies on more than one design. So Joey Votto is appears on 8 different cards in the set – #86 (base), #119 (92 Upper Deck Minor League), #177 (94 UD All Time Heroes 20th Anniversary), #197 (SP Top Prospects), #237 (04 UD Timeless Teams), #312 (93 Sp Rookie), #336 (94 SP Rookie), and #362 (95 SP Rookie). Evan Longoria? 7 different cards.

They aren’t the only ones either – Fukudome, Hu, and Kennedy I see are frequent choices, among many others, I’m sure.

Now I ask, does anyone really want a release that mirrors past sets while featuring 7 or 8 different cards of the same players? Seriously?

WordPress added a quick polling feature, so I thought I’d try it out here:




One response

18 10 2008

Sounds like the SP Rookie Edition from last year.

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