Since we don’t all get free stuff from Upper Deck…

19 10 2008

For those of you that are thinking of making a big hobby purchase (or any thing else, for that matter), Atlanta Sports Cards seems willing to work with you to help you get MSN Live’s 30% bribe discount for using their service.

Let me start by saying that I have not used this deal and I have no affiliation with Atlanta Sports Cards.  I’m just passing along the info to you.

For those unaware, (Microsoft’s search engine) offers you a 30% discount on purchases made on items found using the search engine.  It’s their effort to draw market share from Google by, in essence, giving you free money. 

Atlanta Sports Cards has figured out a way to help you take advantage of this.  First, you’d decide what you want to buy.  Then, call or email Atlanta Sports Cards with what you want.  They will put the cards on eBay with a Buy It Now price.  Then you register for the MSN Live discount and purchase the boxes at the Buy It Now price.  You get the 30% off and the boxes.  Atlanta Sports Cards gets paid.  Everyone is happy.

Confused?  Maybe this will help:

An example of this is this item number:  270287692762.  This person wanted 2 of each of those boxes, so we made that specific auction just for them.  They were able to save $196.17 on this purchase by doing it this way.  E-mail or call us with your specific order and we will gladly set it up for you.

Again, I’ve not used this process and I have no affiliation with Atlanta Sports Cards.  I just thought this may be as close to free swag as the rest of us get.

Let me know if you use it and how well it works.



One response

19 10 2008

I’ve tried desperately to use this thing, but I can’t ever seem to get the link to pop up. I’m thinking that since my IP address doesn’t trace back to the US, it won’t ever work. Oh well.

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