SP Authentic fact check

20 10 2008

From the back of Adam Dunn’s SP Authentic card:

Dunn is an imposing figure when he steps into the batter’s box, and pitchers haven’t been able to tally much success against the burly slugger over the years.

Adam Dunn’s strikeouts per year

2004 – 195*
2005 – 168*
2006 – 194*
2007 – 165
2008 – 164
* denotes led league

In eight seasons, Dunn has 3871 AB’s, 797 BBs, and 1256 K’s. That means that Dunn strikes out (edited, not sure what happened here) 1 out of every 4 times he steps to the plate, which to me sounds like pretty good success for the pitchers of the game.

That said, in 2008 he was among the league leaders in HRs, OPS, BBs, and ABs per HR.

So he’s had some success, too.

Either way, it will be interersting to see what kind of demand Dunn gets on the free agent market. Here’s hoping it’s a team that I actually like.




5 responses

20 10 2008

Eh, strikeouts are overrated. An out is an out. Fact of the matter is Dunn gets on base nearly 4 times per 10 plate appearances (.381). He’s not that far from Pujols/Manny/Tex territory.

I think your numbers are a bit off too. If he was out only 1 in 4 PAs, he’d have a .750 OBP, which even Bonds couldn’t touch. Dunn sure strikes out a lot, but the flipside is he’s on base an awful lot. And he can crush the ball.

20 10 2008

Yeah, not sure what happened when I hit the post button there. Must be a gremlin lose in the internets somewhere. That should have (and now does read) “strikes out 1 out of every 4 times,” which implies a decent success rate for pitchers. And I was only taking issue with the idea that pitchers don’t “tally much success” against Dunn.

I’m not a guy who thinks Dunn is a waste because he strikes out. I hope that wasn’t implied.

I was disappointed when the Reds traded him this year, even if they weren’t going anywhere as a team. When you’re team is lousy, you need things to look forward to. A guy who can hit a baseball into the Ohio river on a bounce is one of those things.

I’ve just got to stop posting when I’m so tired.

20 10 2008

He’s a guy who does two things right – hit for power and get on-base.

I think Dunn is underrated and people are going to notice him when he may reach mileston numbers [i.e. 500 home runs].

On the other hand, does he do anything else? Has he lead his teams to the postseason? Does he run well? Play good defense? Is he a leader in the clubhouse? It seems like there is a little lacking there with Dunn and he is closer to being a one-dimensional player, than he is a great player overall.

20 10 2008
20 10 2008

Laurens –

No one could have lead the last the past few years of Reds teams to the postseason. As far as baserunning, Dunn’s successful 3 out of every 4 times he tries to steal a base over his career, so he does have some skill there, even though he’s not called on to do it all that much. He’s not an embarrassment on the basepaths over all.

And I can’t seem to find the numbers I’m looking for, but Dunn is a slight negative in the field, but not as great as his reputation would lead one to believe.

Gellman, I was actually there reading the very same archives you just linked to after reading the first comment. I thought there was a more in-depth post there about his numbers, but I just couldn’t find it. Still, FJM will certainly argue that Dunn is underrated for what he does, and I must say do it very convincingly.

Please don’t let him become a Cub. That’s all I ask.

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