Upper Deck Masterpieces baseball blaster

21 10 2008

This was quite a puzzlement to me. I went to the store and bought the box, felt bad about my purchase because I wasn’t going to chase this set, enjoyed opening the box, but I don’t like the set or the cards themselves all that much.

How in the world do I explain this one? Here’s what I think happened. In the first pack opened, a black bordered Ryne Sandberg. A beautiful card. And throughout the box, there were more good looking paintings that translated well to cardboard: Brandon Webb, Carl Yastremski, and Eric Chavez are three that pop to mind.

But for every card I like the look of, there were two that I didn’t (actual ratio – 11:20). The real problem is cards of players who’s paintings did not resemble them enough.  Joe Morgan and Jorge Posada have a passing resemblance to their real life counterparts.  If I squint, I can make out Chipper Jones on his card.  Jim Palmer looks to me like a Simpsonesque mannequin

But, in the oddest way, it was like opening boxes of cards from the 80’s when I was a kid.  I was actually judging the cards themselves and not looking at them with thoughts of completion in the back of my head.  I was actually looking at a Carlos Beltran card, and not just acknowledging his existence as card #53 in the set.  So while I can’t say I love the cards, I can say I really like some of them.  And with just enough carrot to keep me going, I was both excited and disappointed by the time the box ended.

So do I like the product?  I’m still not sure.  I’ve read others suggest that the 2007 version is better , so maybe I’ll try and track it down.  Or maybe I’ll get another blaster of this and see if the thrills the same.  At any rate, I’ve got some of these to trade for the cards on my wantlist, if you’re interested in them.

In any event, I’m glad the fog has been lifted.  I hope I can see much clearly in the coming months.




One response

27 10 2008

I think 2007 was a much better product than this 2008 version. The 2008 version has two major problems for me.

1. A lot of the cards are too dark
2. As you stated some of the paintings do not resemble the player at all.

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