4 random packs of Upper Deck Hockey masterpieces

22 10 2008

So I’ve decided to go for a set of these, specifically because there’s no short prints in the hockey version. I’ve got a hobby box on order, but picked up a few packs at the local card shop when they come up empty on the baseball version, SP authentic, or OPC hockey.

I watched the shop owner open the box herself, and I grabbed four packs. Here you go:

Pack 1
29 Georges Vezina
45 Glenn Anderson
23 Mike Bossy
85 Mr. Hockey

The Bossy and Mr. Hockey are doubles, and I’ve only opened 4 packs of this stuff. The Vezina is one of those cards that makes up for the other blander cards this set has to offer.

Pack 2
40 Rick Vaive
21 Patrick Roy
CCBN1 Bernie Nicholls Canvas Clippings
73 Willie O’Ree
5 Jari Kurri

Woo hoo, a jersey! For most, Nicholls would be a bit of a disappointment, but as a Rangers fan, I’m forever grateful that he was part of the trade for Mark Messier. The picture on the card doesn’t look like a painting though, and there’s no painter referenced. Kind of a disappointment if it’s true. The O’Ree card is another beauty. I think the bluish white of the ice makes for a better background then the crowds and dugouts of the baseball cards.

Pack 3
35 Jari Kurri Brown border
65 Manon Rheaume
30 George Hainsworth
42 Darryl Sittler

I don’t understand the Kurri card. He’s standing with his hands behind his back, but there’s a hockey stick floating in front of him. My guess is it’s some sort of trophy. Anyway, the Hainsworth’s another keeper, and it’s a duplicate, too. Not having too much luck with those so far.

Pack 4
78 Wayne Gretzky
52 Bob Baun
MB-CH Don Cherry Forest Mint Bordered Brushstrokes 27/35
61 Bobby Clarke

There’s four hits in a box of 18 packs and I got two of them. Pretty decent, even if they aren’t the best of hits. The Cherry shows him more refined in a sweatsuit and is a black and white photo, which is disappointing given his more recent flair for colorful suits. The pseudo canvas does nice things for the sig itself, though.

Three beauties, a jersey, and an auto.   Not bad for four packs.  I’m looking forward to the box.




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