2008 Upper Deck Update cancelled, among others

23 10 2008

Upper Deck Update, the 200 card set only release that came with the 1000 box to store your entire set has been cancelled.  Sorry Griffey and White Sox fans, but this card may never see the light of day. 

One card shop I called confirmed the cancellation, as shown on their website here. He said reasons are never given for cancelled product by the company, but usually it’s due to lack of interest. 

I called a second card shop as well, but they weren’t carrying the Update release and had no information on it. The guy I spoke with did, however, tell me that five products in basketball and football had been cancelled, including Topps Sterling Football and Topps Predictor Basketball. He, too, suggested a lack of interest, and said it’s unusual to see so many products get pulled back. 

He also mentioned a lack of movement and value the on secondary markets as a secondary reason, implying that collectors are becoming hand shy after getting bitten by numerous overpriced products with little value return.  This couple with the current financial troubles makes a lot of sense.  

It’s one thing I’ve argued could change the hobby – people refusing to spend money on boxes that don’t give them their money’s worth – but we’ll have to see if any long term change actually comes about.



6 responses

24 10 2008

That really sucks. They can put out a useless product like First Edition Update, but not the regular update set. Sounds fishy.

24 10 2008

Interesting. I’m all for fewer sets (but make them better) anyhow… I’ve (foolishly) decided to complete 4 sets this year….I guess I’m the type of sucker card companies hope for when they print 17 sets each year!

24 10 2008
Mario A.

Wait: there is a First Edition Update?

Why is there even a First Edition???

24 10 2008

First Edition is for people that want cheap cards.

I’d kill off a few more of the high-end sets first. (You know, the ones where you blow over $100 for the box and usually wind up with cards that’d you’d get less than $50 for if you tried to sell them._

But I agree… it stinks that they killed off the Upper Deck update set.

30 10 2008

That sucks.

13 11 2008

Mario, First Edition is for people like me that HATE FOIL on their cards. 🙂

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