Topps answers questions (sort of) about Upside Down cards

23 10 2008

So with all the speculation about the upside down Bruce, Fukudome, and Longoria cards, I thought I’d give Topps Customer Relations a call and see what they knew. 

The answer?  Depend on who you talk to.

The first person I spoke with (after a brief moment on hold) told me that the upside down variations were printing errors that Topps had made. I was told that there were two printing runs, one which shipped on the 20th and the other on the 22nd, and that the ones from the first run should have the upside down variations. She also told me they could be mailed to Topps for a replacement.

Since I was tired having just got off work, I thanked the person and hung up. Then as I drove home, I wondered if the whole lot released on the 20th would have the card (that would be half the release, right?) and if Topps had caught the problem and tried to pull the misprints but had missed a few, ala Upper Deck’s Hillary card from series 1.

So I called back.

This time, after a much longer period of hold, I was told by a separate person that there was no information about these cards and I would bid on them on eBay at my own risk.  I was told by this representative that there was nothing on the sales sheet about upside down cards (duh).  I asked if errors or misprints would be listed on their sheets and was told they would.  I then explained what the first rep had told me and asked where that information would have come from.  The second rep had no idea.  I was stumped, too.

I then asked to speak with someone who may know more (such as the first rep), and after a couple transfers, was told to leave a message for someone who is “very good about responding back.” So we’ll see.

Clear as mud, right?

I’m tending to believe the first answer I received simply because it seems most plausible to me.  Having worked all night, I’m not sure how long I can wait for anyone to return my call.  I’m tempted to call back and hope to speak with a third person and see what they say.  I’ll keep you posted on whatever I find out.




3 responses

23 10 2008
Chris Harris

You’re never going to get a straight answer from customer service. You need to get a hold of Clay Luraschi, or someone else at Topps HQ in New York.

23 10 2008
James B. Anama

If it was just a simple printing error, wouldn’t you think that there should be 110 cards that have this problem? And if that’s the case, why have we not seen other cards like this shown anywhere?

This is the Joba thing all over again. And I don’t think they did this erroneously. We’ll just have to wait for Luraschi to come clean…again.


JayBee Anama

23 10 2008

Well, I’ve taken Chris’s advice and left a message for Clay. I’m not holding my breath that any of the messages I’ve left get returned.

And James, you’re right – there should be a lot of these things floating around if it’s a printing error. And more and more are creeping up on the bay. That question is why I called back. And now when I call back, it’s the same person with no answers, no matter how nice she is.

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