3 random packs of 2008/09 OPC hockey

25 10 2008

I picked up three retail packs at the local box while waiting for my hobby boxes of these stuff.  I won’t bore you with all that I pulled (all base, two Legends short prints, and one retro design Alex Delvecchio), but I thought it funny my wife called these cards the ugliest ones that she has seen so far.

Tonight I asked “Even uglier than those 1990 Topps cards?”

“Yeah.”  She replied.

Thank goodness there’s only two boxes of them coming.

I thought I’d throw it open to another vote.  Here’s the contenders.  I tried to choose a couple that were still easy on the eyes.

Now, rock the vote:




3 responses

25 10 2008

These aren’t ugly at all… if the price is right I might actually think about collecting a set. Last year’s set was the most Topps-like hockey set in years even with the abundance of gold ink.

26 10 2008

I thought last year’s OPC set was the cheapest looking set in… maybe ever, but this year’s set is nice looking.

27 10 2008

They’re not bad, though that card would look a lot better with Marty Brodeur on it. 😉

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