2008 Upper Deck SP Authentic blaster

27 10 2008

Pack 1

15 Greg Maddux
64 Mariano Rivera
18 Derrek Lee
51 Jake Peavy
AA4 Frank Thomas Authentic Achievements

I didn’t notice on the other AA cards I got, but the foil is all holographic and shiny.  It’s very pretty.

Pack 2

44 C.C. Sabathia
39 Ryan Howard
3 Albert Pujols
9 Randy Johnson
77 Dontrelle Willis

I wonder how far out Upper Deck approves the checklists for their sets. Because I can’t imagine the D-train in a set like this after the 2008 season he’s had. But there he is.

Pack 3

26 Jose Reyes
86 Barry Zito
YSL 1750 Charlie Keller
13 B.J. Upton
30 Mark Teixeira

Pack 4

36 Grady Sizemore
81 Nick Markakis
YSL 1775 New York Yankees
69 Justin Morneau
98 Jeff Francoeur

Were I a) collecting the Yankee Stadium Legacy set or b) a Braves team collector, I guess I’d be happy with these two packs. The Upton, Reyes and Morneau are all in action running shots.  If I had more talent and time, I’m certain I could make a pretty mean flip book of all the players running throughout the set.  Sadly, I’m lacking in both departments lately.

Pack 5

89 Dan Haren
12 Joba Chamberlain
100 Curt Schilling
59 J.J. Hardy
AA3 – Randy Johnson’s 2nd on the all time K list.

It seems the AA cards celebrate a feat that occurred during the 2008 season, which shows Upper Deck was paying attention. It further makes me wonder why Dontrelle Willis was included in the set.

Pack 6

87 Matt Cain
8 Eric Chavez
53 Chris Young
27 Chase Utley
4 Ichiro

All these packs and not a single Red. Will I get shut out?

Pack 7

1 Ken Griffey Jr. (booyah!)
72 Jose Guillen
90 Chien Ming Wang
6 Vladimir Guerrero
MM42 – Hideki Matsui v. Daisuke Matsuzaka

In my opinion, the nicest looking card in the box, made by the Royals powder blue jersey. Plus a Griffey, as well as a Marquee Matchups card, which look sweet in their own right. This would have to be the pack of the box.

But wait, my blaster says 7 packs + 1 bonus pack. Where’s my 8th pack?

Oh, here it is.  It’s a five “Rookie Exclusives” pack, wrapped in clear plastic.   How sweet. There’s sixty cards in the set. Here’s who I got:

Brian Bocock
Colt Morton
German Duran
Callix Crabbe
Alexi Ramirez

Nice looking cards, even if the bottoms get swallowed up by a white hole  Why not continue the image down to the insert name?

Anyhow, another blaster down the drain.  Was it worth it?  Well, I got to open more cards until my batch of hobby boxes arrives.  So for that alone, I’d say yes.  Even more so if I can trade some of these for Reds and other cards I need.  Anyone interested drop me a line.




One response

27 10 2008

Adding Dontrelle Willis is silly. So is having Andruw Jones as a Dodger representative in at least three UD sets so far!

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