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28 10 2008

I’ve made a few trades recently involving 1989 Score, a set whose duplicates I keep tucked in a box (along with 1988 and 1990 Score) in the bottom of my closest, buried under other card related things.  I made these cards the most difficult to get to because I thought they were standard issue upon entry into the hobby – it’s as if everyone has them. 

Obviously I was wrong.  I’ve dug out that box happily for both trades, and hopefully the second recipient will be as happy as the first.

But while I was digging them out again this afternoon, I wondered how many other folks are harboring a hankering for the colorful borders of 88 and 90 Score, or the simple design of 1989 Score.  So if you’re building a set, collecting a team, or just looking for smiles from Joes and Joses alike, let me know – I’ve probably got what you need, and  I’m certain we can work something out.




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29 10 2008
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