Political bookends

29 10 2008

I bought a couple of hobby packs of Topps Updates and Highlights, the earlier leader to break next in the latest poll.  I’m hoping the cards I don’t get in the hobby box will be covered here.  All my cards were right side up and spelled correctly so far.

I did pull a Presidential Couple from each pack:

The first and the last. I’m not sure why they left the date blank on the Bush card, though. 2009. That’s the end. Unless they know something we don’t about extending him to a third term.

And doesn’t Topps have a better picture of Bush to use?  It looks like someone just told him Cheney shot a donor in the face or something.

You know what would have been a good short-printed gimmick to use?  Card #42, one featuring Barack and Michelle, the other featuring John and Cindy.  It would have thematically fit, it would have made sense, and it wouldn’t have altered the base set either.  Instead, we get the flipped rookie cards.

I was sure we’d hear words from Topps by now of the “gimmick” claiming these players are “turning the hobby world upside down,” but so far nothing.  I’m not overly surprised that Topps didn’t return my call, but isn’t there a hobby magazine somewhere who could get to the bottom of this?

And before this post gets totally out of hand, can I say the UH numbering on the back makes the number that much harder to read?



One response

30 10 2008

Wow, W does look a little dazed on his card.

I’d like to see a James Buchanan/Rufus King card in this set.

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