Trading guilt for thanks

30 10 2008

Two of the original reasons I started this blog were to work on building my sets and to give me some focus. It’s actually had a negative effect on my focus, driving me to spend more money on a number of different cards and sets that I would not have chased otherwise. But it has resulted in some trades to build my sets.

I’ve neglected to mention those trades here, so I have a whole post full of thanks to these folks previously unmentioned here for their trading prowess:

Dinged Corners– chiseled away at some 2008 Upper Deck cards, and a nice red Varitek jersey from A & G.  They got some Curtis.  Not this Superfly. This one. Or if you prefer, this one. Or this one.

Rick @ Topps Baseball Cards to Trade– Some Donruss and 2008 Topps cards. If you’ve got extra Topps singles and can help him out, head on over.

Baseball Cards I Need– Pretty self explanatory site. We swapped 2008 Upper Deck cards.

This guy needed 1990 Topps. I had some. He sent 1990 Topps, and some 2008 cards, too.

Steve at White Sox Cards and Things Done to Cards– I sent him a couple Yankee Stadium Legacy cards and a couple 1989 Score cards, I got 1990 Topps cards back.

Night Owl Cards– A heap of Allen and Ginter cards for a stack of Dodgers and more. Hopefully he enjoys his package once it arrives.

Again, thanks to all mentioned for the trades, and if I’ve overlooked anyone, I apologize even more. I’ll try and keep on top of these things from here on out.




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